How to create a note?

1. Open your property on which you want to add the note and click on add note icon on the map screen (top right corner of layers/notes panel on the map screen)

2. Start creating the note by long-pressing the location on the map for geo-tagging where you wish to add it.

3. Input the title and details of the note. You can attach site photographs, videos, and diagrams to your note by taking a picture with your camera or uploading one from your gallery.

Click Next on the bottom right to proceed with note creation.

4. You can also add additional information to your note like assignee/ layers/ tags at the time of note creation itself. Alternately, you may revisit whenever you want to update your note with these details.

Press the create button in the bottom right corner to confirm the creation of the note.

Add assignee/tags/layers functionality is available only on iOS currently and is coming soon on Android app

Link layers: Link layers and other map components to your note by selecting them with a single tap on the map screen.

Link Layers
Link Layers

Add Assignee: Assign the note to a team member as a task, and Plato will notify them to let them know you've done so.

Add Assignee
Add Assignee

Add Tags: Create unique tags and add them to better organise your notes.

Add Tags
Add Tags
On the property map, all notes added to a property are visible. If you want to hide/show the notes on the map, click the eye symbol in the upper right corner of the notes panel and make the necessary changes.




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