Presentation mode

6.1 Rearrange the notes

Rearrange your property notes in any order you want. Follow the below steps to do so.

1. Expand the notes panel

2. Click on a note

3. Click the three dots as shown below and choose the suitable option (Move Up/Move Down) to reorder your notes

4. Once done, click on the presentation icon next to the filter icon to play the notes in a series

5. Once you have completed the presentation, go back to the notes panel and click on the presentation icon again to turn off this mode

6.2 Shortlist notes for your presentation

If you have created multiple notes but you want to play only a few of them in your presentation, here's what you need to do – add custom tags to your notes and filter them out.

1. Open the notes from the notes panel

2. Click the three dots and select Edit

3. Click the dropdown arrow in the last option–Add Tag (Optional)–and select Enter Customer Tag

4. Give the tag a name of your choice (Ops Presentation in this case)

5. Click the Add Tag button

6. Click the Post button

You can repeat this set of activity for the notes you would like to play in your presentation.

7. Now click the filter icon and enable the Tag option to view the tag you have just created

8. Select the tag and click on Apply

9. You will now be left with the notes you selected for your presentation

10. Hit the presentation icon

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