Basics of Editing Tools

Need to update or rectify the SiteRecon output, Introducing Editing tools to take control of your data. Editing tools let you draw, modify, cut, delete the individual elements inside the feature. Let's dive in to learn more about each of these tools for different geometry type [Area, Line, Point] features. 

Editing tools are available only after an order has been approved.

You can make changes to layers by creating a new draft view.
Adding a "new draft view"


The select tool in the tool’s panel enables you to select layers while editing any outputs on the map.

Single Select- You can simply select a layer by choosing the select tool and clicking on the layer on the map.
Single Select

Multi Select- You multi-select layers by selecting a layer and then holding the “ctrl” or “⌘” to select the second layer.

Also, You can multi-select by holding Ctrl and drawing a virtual rectangle across the map to select multiple polygons for the active layer.
Multi Select


The drag tool enables you to move layers from one point to another.  You can shift the placement of layers by following the steps mentioned below:

1. Select the drag tool from the tools panel.

2. Select the feature layer you wish to make changes to on the left panel. Click on the layer on the map you wish to move and drag the cursor to as per the requirement.
Drag Tool


Drawing tools enable you to draw feature layers manually on the map. You can add new feature layers by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. Select the feature under which you wish to add the layer. Then, Select the drawing tool as per feature measurement unit. (For eg.- For Turf > Polygon; Hard edge > Line; Tree > Point)

  2. Draw the layer in the desired area.

  3. Once the layer is drawn, you’ll be able to see the feature layer ID created in the measurement panel.
Draw Tool


Modify tools enable you to make changes to make modifications to existing layers.

  1. Select the modify tool from the tools panel.

  2. After selecting the modify tools, make changes to existing layers by dragging the layers through the vertex. You can also create a vertex by clicking on the line of the polygon and make changes to it.
Modify Tool

Cutting tools enable you to cut sections of existing polygons as per the requirement. We have 3 versions of cutting tools which help you to get the desired output. 

1. Select the cut tool from the tools panel. 

2. Draw a polygon around the part of the layer that you want to cut.

3. Once you complete the polygon the extra part of the layer would be removed.
Cut Tool

Line- split

Line Split can be used to break polygons into multiple items/ polygons using a line.

  1. Draw a line dividing the polygon into two parts as shown below.

  2. Once that is done the polygon will be divided into two separate feature IDs.

Note- Line has to cross over the polygon in order to split it.
Line Split

Lasso Split

You can choose the Lasso split, in order to cut out a polygon inside a polygon. This feature is extremely helpful for you to cut different layers within a vast polygon.

1. Choose the Lasso split tool from the cutting tool section.

2. Draw the polygon as per selected area that you wish to cut within the existing polygon.

3. Once you draw the polygon on the selected area, there will be two feature IDs created. You can also choose to change the feature- eg; can change it from turf to mulch beds.

4. You can also use it in tandem with the “Move to” feature in order to transfer the newly cut out area into a separate layer as well.


To duplicate any layer, simply select the layer on the map and click on the “+” in the box next to it.

Move to features helps you transfer layers from one feature to another feature. To do that:

1. Select the layer that you wish to move.
2. In the layer box, click on the drop down next to move to and select the feature to move the layer.


Merge Tools enables you to merge two or more overlapping or adjoining items (polygons snapped on edge) in a new way. After an order has been approved and you wish to merge two or more adjacent or overlapping polygons:

  1. Select multiple items or polygons using the selecting tool.

  2. Once the polygons have been selected, the option to “merge items” will pop up in the box below.

  3. Click on “merge items” and all overlapping or adjoining items will merge with each other.

Non-overlapping items won't be merged.


  • Anytime you wish to undo any changes simply click on “Ctrl+Z” or “⌘ +Z”

  • Anytime you wish to Redo any changes simply click on “Ctrl+Y” or “⌘ +Y”



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