Add feedbacks on property

If you find any disparity in the measurements delivered by SiteRecon, we are all ears. You can use the Notes feature to add your note as a feedback and it will be assigned to us.

Only Available in "Awaiting Approval" order stage.

Feedback note is automatically assigned to Siterecon Team and are resolved on priority. Our team will connect to update on turn around time.

Feedbacks can be added on a property only after the measurements have been delivered by Siterecon

1. Open your property on which measurements have been delivered by SiteRecon

2. Click on add note icon on the map screen

3. Check the Add as a feedback checkbox on the bottom left corner

4. Mention the title and description, and attach images/videos (if needed) for references

As and when needed, you can delete, re-open, or approve a feedback. The approved feedback will not be displayed on the notes panel.


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