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  • SiteRecon Bolt!

    What if you had the power to measure any lawn in just 30 seconds? How many more deals would you be able to close by generating lightning-fast estimates? Well, it’s not a pipe dream anymore. We’ve built an AI tool - SiteRecon Bolt - that does exactly that.

    All you need to do is enter the address and you will get the measurements within a matter of a few seconds.

    How to use SiteRecon Bolt:

    1. Login to app.siterecon.ai
    2. On the top right corner, click on New Property and select Instant Turf from the …
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  • Bolt QC

    Introducing a brand-new feature that allows you to have a manual quality check performed on your bolt orders in order to get the desired output for instant turf orders using SiteRecon Bolt. Once your order is in the bolt preview stage, you can request to verify the measurements using Bolt QC.

    1. Simply open the order which is in “bolt preview” status from My properties section.

    2. If you believe the measurements look accurate, click "yes". Otherwise, click on “no, send for quality check”.

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  • New Tools

    Introducing a brand new set of tools to make parcel production and measuring even easier and more efficient!

    Merge Tool for polygons - We want you to try out the new "Merge Tool," which enables you to merge two or more overlapping or adjoining items (polygons snapped on edge) in a new way.After an order has been approved and you wish to merge two or more adjacent or overlapping polygons:

    1. Select multiple items or polygons using the selecting tool.
    2. Once the polygons have been selected, the option to …
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  • Refreshed "My Properties" Page Layout

    As part of our Dashboard Revamp, we’re excited to announce the release of an entirely new and improved “My Properties” section for a better experience.

    What's new?



    A. An expanded filter section that allows you to filter out the necessary data with the click of a button.

    B. You can now add tags to your orders to further categorise them.

    C. "My Properties" section is divided into the “created by me, bulk orders and all orders” section.

    D. In the status section, you can now use the …

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  • Organisational Code

    On SiteRecon, the organisation code serves as a unique identifier for your workspace.

    When should an organisation code be used?

    • When someone is invited to the workspace, the invitation is sent via email to the user, but the email may be missed, lost, or filtered as spam. In that case, send the user an organisation code, which he can enter when registering for the platform to gain access to the workspace.
    • When inviting your entire team, instead of individually inviting them, you can simply share …
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  • How can admin leave the workspace?


    Case 1 : When there is only one admin in the workspace

    No workplace can function without an Admin, therefore if one wishes to depart, Admin must appoint a replacement. as a result When an admin hovers their names in the team management section, a "leave" button appears in the top right corner. This button allows the admin to leave the workspace.



    Case 2: When there are multiple admin in the workspace

    Because there are already other admins, the admin can simply leave the workspace rather than …

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  • How a user can leave the workspace ?

    In the team management section, users can hover over their names to reveal a "leave" button in the right corner. By clicking this button, users can exit the workspace.