SiteRecon - ServiceMinder Integration

The ServiceMinder - SiteRecon integration is designed to make your workflow smoother from start to finish. Setting up the integration is a breeze, and once it's in place, you'll have the power to seamlessly bridge the gap between your ServiceMinder account and SiteRecon.

Here are the steps to run the integration:

  1. Add Contact: To begin, simply log into your ServiceMinder account and navigate to the Contacts section. Here, you can manually add a contact, ensuring you capture all the essential information. Key fields to fill out include the customer's name, phone number, category, lead source, and service address. Once all the details are entered, click on "Add" in the bottom-right corner.

  2. The SiteRecon Advantage: Once you've added a contact in ServiceMinder, the magic happens on the SiteRecon platform. A property order is automatically generated, and our advanced AI gets to work, measuring the property for you. You'll notice the order is marked as "in progress," and within a matter of seconds, it transitions to "Bolt Preview," signaling that the measurements are ready for your use.

  3. Get Measurements: Head back to ServiceMinder, refresh the page, and you'll find the property map under the "Pictures" tab. Scroll down a bit, and you'll also have access to the measurements. These insights are invaluable for discussing project details and sending out proposals.

Two Ways to Harness the Power

The Serviceminder - SiteRecon integration offers you two flexible methods to make the most of this powerful tool:

  1. Manual Contact Addition: This approach is ideal for when you're on a call with a customer and want to record their service address and other details in real-time. While you discuss project specifics, our AI simultaneously measures the property, providing you with instant measurements during the conversation.

  2. Website Integration: Alternatively, you can have ServiceMinder set up an integration with your website. When a lead comes through your website, they fills out a form with all the necessary information. This data is automatically pushed to ServiceMinder, creating a contact that is seamlessly pushed to SiteRecon to initiate a property order, following the same efficient procedure.


It's important to note that the Serviceminder - SiteRecon integration caters to both residential and commercial properties. Whether you're measuring turf or a parking lot, our AI can quickly generate the measurements. But if you're adding multiple other layers to your order, our experts conduct a quality check after the AI completes property measurements before delivering the final results.

In conclusion, the Serviceminder - SiteRecon integration empowers landscaping companies to work smarter, not harder. By seamlessly connecting these two platforms, you can save time, enhance customer interactions, and make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward. Take the plunge into efficiency and elevate your landscaping operations with this game-changing integration.

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