SiteRecon Bolt!

What if you had the power to measure any lawn in just 30 seconds? How many more deals would you be able to close by generating lightning-fast estimates? Well, it’s not a pipe dream anymore. We’ve built an AI tool - SiteRecon Bolt - that does exactly that.

All you need to do is enter the address and you will get the measurements within a matter of a few seconds.

How to use SiteRecon Bolt:

  1. Login to
  2. On the top right corner, click on New Property and select Instant Turf from the dropdown (as displayed below).

3. Enter the address in the search bar and input customer details.

4. The credits to be consumed for that order will show up next to “Get Measurement”.

Note: Please ensure that you have the necessary credits for the Bolt order; otherwise, the Bolt order will not be processed due to a lack of credits.

5. Click on “Get Measurements”, kick back and relax. SiteRecon Bolt will generate accurate measurements for you within a few seconds.

6. When the measurement is ready, the results will be displayed as shown below.

7. You can use the 'view detail' tab to gain access to specific measurement tools and make adjustments.

8. The bolt orders can be accessed via the My Properties section.


Note: Instant Turf enables you to measure the turfs only on residential/commercial properties which are 5 acres or less.

If you were to use an address anywhere West of Dallas, Texas, Bolt may not service that area - but no worries - do reach out to us about that.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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