Sharing Notes

Sharing notes with your team members, clients or other stakeholders just got simpler! Now you can share them with everyone even if they don't have Plato mobile app on their phone. Result? Everyone stays on the same page, literally!

Once someone clicks on the note link you share, the note page will get loaded on their phone's browser as shown below, even if the app isn't installed on their phone. Also, If they are already logged into Plato mobile app on their phone and have the property access, they'll directly land on the shared note on app. Quite seamless, isn't it?

If the app is not installed on your phone, you can click on Open App on the banner.

Once you click on Open App, you'll be taken to the App Store/Play Store Plato download page.

Here's how you can share the notes

To share a note, simply open it and use the share option.

#1. Sharing from Plato mobile app

#2. Sharing from web app

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