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You can share property maps and measurements with folks inside your team and outside it as well. You can use the sharing features to collaborate with your prospect while working on a deal and giving the handover to the production team after you have closed the deal. As a Branch Manager/Account Manager/Operations Manager, you can use the sharing features to train the crew and define what they need to service on a property.

There are two ways to share the data - publicly (for folks outside your team) and internally (for folks inside your team).


Public Sharing

You can publicly share data for the orders that have been approved.This is how you can get access to the data -


  1. On the delivery panel, you would see a 'Share Map Link' button. Click on that.
  2. A popup opens with the public URL. Click on the copy button just after the URL.
  3. Share it with anyone outside your team like your customer. Just remember to share with him a guide on how to use the application

This is what the data looks like to public users when they visit the link. The person you are sharing the link with need not be a SiteRecon user.

Features available on Publicly shared map

  • You can select different features from the drop down at the top of the measurement table on the right
  • Do a mouseover on the different rows in the measurement table to see what the feature measured looks like on the map
  • Select the check box in the measurement table header and scroll down to see the total measurements for a feature.
  • Zoom-in and out of the map, move it around
  • Turn-off/on different layers using the panel on the right side.


Internal Sharing & Collaboration

For internal sharing to work, your team mates would need to be signed up on SiteRecon under your organization.On the My Properties page, you would see 2 tabs - 'Created by me', 'All'

When you click on 'All' you will be able to see the orders created by others in your organization - draft, measurements ongoing or approved. You can see who has created the order on the table with the order date. This is how collaboration looks like when internally sharing data on SiteRecon -

  1. Let's assume that you are the VP Sales and you wish to view the orders created by your reps. You go onto your the My Properties page, click on 'All' and the orders created by others become visible. You can see what is the progress on the orders.
  2. Business developers and Estimators can work together/do a back-and-forth to edit a draft order.
  3. If you are an account manager in Louisville and your counterpart is from Dallas, you can request the AM in Dallas to take a look at the draft order you created or he can review the outputs from the platform once delivered.
  4. Business developers can order properties and Branch Managers can approve the data of the property. They can also edit the data if they need.

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