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Place Your Property Measurement Orders on SiteRecon as soon as the Deal is added on Pipedrive


PipeDrive Setup Requirements

  1. 1.Provide the company's domain name which appears in the pipedrive url when you login before pipedrive.com e.g https://siterecon.pipedrive.com/ here siterecon is the company's domain name
  2. 2.Provide us with the following credentials and keys:
    1. 1.Email ID of the Admin of pipedrive account
    2. 2.API key found in Admin account. Details on where to find the API key is on this link belowHow to Obtain Your Pipedrive API Key
    3. 3.Email ID of the SiteRecon account in which these orders will be created by the automation.
  3. 3.Create a new webhook in pipedrive from the admin account for Event Action = Updated, Event Object = Deal, Permission Level and input the Endpoint URL = https://app.siterecon.ai/api/order/webhookPipeDrive/ and input the siterecon account username (email) and password in the HTTP Auth Username and HTTP Auth Password field. You can watch the video on how to setup this webhook below

We will create the following fields in the Pipedrive deals after the setup is complete ‚ÄĒ

  1. 1.SiteRecon Address : Address Field with integrated google search. To be filled by Customer.
  2. 2.SiteRecon Features : Multiselect dropdown field with feature list same as SiteRecon. To be filled by Customer.
  3. 3.SiteRecon Order Request : Yes and No option field. To be filled by Customer.
  4. 4.SiteRecon Order URL: SiteRecon will update the URL of the order.
  5. 5.SiteRecon Order Status: SiteRecon will update the current order status.

The details about how the integration will work is as follows -

SiteRecon will create the following fields in all the Pipedrive dealsWhenever you create or update a deal on Pipedrive, you can place the order on SiteRecon automatically by filling the SiteRecon Address, SiteRecon Features fields with the property address of your customer (select from google address search recommendations for best results) and the features to be measured. Finally, Select "yes" option in the Siterecon Order Request field to trigger the order creation.The order will be created in a few seconds and the order status and link to open the order will be updated in the SiteRecon Order Status and SiteRecon Order URL field.

Order will be placed only when correct valid address is filled and minimum 1 feature is selected

Here's a video on how this integration works:

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