New Tools

Introducing a brand new set of tools to make parcel production and measuring even easier and more efficient!

Merge Tool for polygons - We want you to try out the new "Merge Tool," which enables you to merge two or more overlapping or adjoining items (polygons snapped on edge) in a new way.After an order has been approved and you wish to merge two or more adjacent or overlapping polygons:

  1. Select multiple items or polygons using the selecting tool.
  2. Once the polygons have been selected, the option to “merge items” will pop up in the box below.
  3. Click on “merge items” and all overlapping or adjoining items will merge with each other.

Note- Non-overlapping items won't be merged.


Hover effect on Map-

Now get faster data review with quick measurements by using the Hover effect. Click to open the action centre.

Hover on any measurement item on the map to quickly view its measurements and ID number. Hover on any item on the left panel to highlight it on the map. Click on any item on the map or left panel to open the detailed measurements and actions on the action menu of that item.

Line Split & Lasso Split- Now you can use two new features in the Cut tool. After the order is approved, you can use these two cut tools to make any further changes.

Line Split- Line Split can be used to break polygons into multiple items/ polygons using a line.

  1. Draw a line dividing the polygon into two parts as shown below.
  2. Once that is done the polygon will be divided into two separate feature IDs.

Note- Line has to cross over the polygon in order to split it.


Lasso Split- You can choose the Lasso split, in order to cut out a polygon inside a polygon. This feature is extremely helpful for you to cut different layers within a vast polygon.

1. Choose the Lasso split tool from the cutting tool section.

2. Draw the polygon as per selected area that you wish to cut within the existing polygon.

3. Once you draw the polygon on the selected area, there will be two feature IDs created. You can also choose to change the feature- eg; can change it from turf to mulch beds.

4. You can also use it in tandem with the “Move to” feature in order to transfer the newly cut out area into a separate layer as well.


Topology exception warnings-

In case of two or more overlapping items, you can see an exception warning sign. Hover on the sign to see which item it overlaps with.

  1. If there are two polygons overlapping, you can see which layer has a warning in it.
  2. Open the layer and see the specific ID containing the warning
  3. Hover on the sign to see which item it overlaps with. Either resolve the warning using tools or choose to ignore it.


We have some more cool little changes!

New Layering Style: We've also added a new colour panel to allow you to customise the layers in a whole new way.

You can now customise the layer's stroke size and opacity for a more accurate representation on the maps.

You can also use symbols to represent specific layers, such as trees, and upload your own symbols to represent different items.

Note: You can also add your own symbols by simply clicking “upload symbol”.

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