Nearby properties from your current location (dashboard)

If you're out and present at one of the sites listed in your workspace (org), you can quickly access your nearby properties within 6 miles of your radius on Plato.

This view will be the new default view on Plato.

So instead of searching for the property, you can find it by swiping horizontally on your screen.

Don't have any property in your workspace within 6 miles radius of your location?

You'll get a pop-up notification on your app screen as shown below. You can create a new property or find other properties from the list dashboard.

You can go to the list dashboard using the list icon placed above the card or with the right-swipe on the screen.

You aren't out in the field?

If you aren't on a property or you have location turned off, you will see the latest 10 properties (sorted by creation date) on Plato.

You can always toggle between the list and map-based views by clicking on the button shown in the screenshot below.

You can also left-swipe on the screen to go back to the map-based view.

On the site, but still not able to view the nearby properties?

Your location might not be turned on or you might not haven given the location access to Plato. You'll be prompted with a pop-up notification to enable the device location.

✅ If you enable the location, you'll be able to see the nearby properties within 6 miles of your current location.

❌ In case, you choose to keep the location off, you can see the latest 10 properties in your workspace sorted by the property creation date.

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