Manage Team Credits

For Users (not Admin)

When users go to Profile Dropdown > Settings > Credit Management, they will be able to view their credits balance or Request Credits to Admins to refill their balance. Admin will receive an email regarding the request from the user.

On this page, a detailed Credit Balance history is available for users to keep track of their consumptions and recharges.


Request credits

To recharge your credits through the platform, click on Profile Icon. From the dropdown menu, select Settings. Click on Credit Management from the left menu. You will see the available credits in your account. Click on Request Credits, put in the number of credits that you wish to add, and click on Request Credits again, you will then receive an email from us on your registered email ID for the confirmation and payment. Once that is done, the added credits will reflect in your account.


For Admins

Credit Management for admins has the complete view of all the users, their balances and functionality to distribute or adjust their balances from the Organizations Credit Balance

Total Org Credits is the sum of available credits in the individual user's wallet along with the Unallocated Credits.

  • Admins can Remove credits from someone's account. Enter the amount to remove and click on Minus button. Organization's Unallocated Credit Balance will increase by the amount removed.
  • Admins can Add credits in someone's account. Enter the amount to Add and click on Plus button.
Amount can only be added if the Unallocated Credits balance is more than or equal to the amount to be added. Admin can remove more amount from someone else's account to match the unallocated credits will the amount to be added.
  • When running low on Total org Credits, admins can Request Organization Credits and select the amount to recharge in the next step. SiteRecon team will be notified of the request and payment invoice will be sent to your email. Post payment the Credits will be added in the account by Siterecon.
  • Admins can view the Balance History of all the users in the organization and the credit transactions happening for each of them.

Downloading Export

You can also download the balance history in excel format by simply clicking on the export button on the top right.

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