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With the latest updates to subscription management, we have introduced plans to simplify the billing process for you. You will see your new plans in the new subscription cards on your subscription page. 

Now, your user subscriptions and credit plans will be billed together.

How the new plans makes your life easier: 

  • Single billing-one bill per month

  • Pay as you go option when you run out of credits

  • Ability to plan credit utilization according to your usage trends

  • Workspace credits are now available in a shared pool for all Creators. No need to separately allocate the credits to different users. 

To manage subscription, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. From the top right corner, click on the profile section and then on the drop down, select “Manage subscriptions”.

2. Once it redirects you to the billing page, you will be able to see all the details of the plan you are currently subscribed to, from Name of the plan to your billing cycle details.

3.To view the breakdown of your current billing cycle simply click on “view billing details”.

4. It will present you the details of your current users and credits that are included in your current plan along with the previous billing details below that.

5. To make changes to the current subscription, click on “Update Subscription”.

6. Select the change you wish to make. For eg: If you wish to update add-on credits, select that option. Select the amount of credits you wish as add-on to your current plan and click on “Pay and Update”.

7. You can also use the pricing calculator to understand your requirement for credits based on your property inputs. 

8. Similarly, You can update the details for the user seats to your current plan by clicking on “Update Seats Addon”.

9. To upgrade to a new plan you can click on “Change plan” and “Switch on Annual”. And update your payment method from the update subscription tab.

10. You can also buy credits based on your current credits and usage history trend in the last 12 months. Take the total credits you have consumed in the last 12 months and divide that by 12, to arrive at your monthly credit add-on amount. 

11. “Pay as you go” works while you are placing an order and you are short on credits. Once you click on “Get measurements” while placing an order, you will get a pop-up to pay-as-you-go for the order or do a credit add on to your monthly subscription.

For more information on subscriptions, you can use the LIVE CHAT/HELP option at the bottom right corner of every subscription screen. Alternatively, please reach out to us on, we’ll be happy to help.

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