How to change property level sharing setting ?


  1. To open the property sharing card, click the **Share Button** on the property page.
💡 You can also share property directly from the SiteRecon Dashboard.

2. When the card is opened, the Admin and Creator can configure the property level settings.

The property level is divided into three levels of sharing:

1. Everyone in the workspace - this setting is by default , that means anybody within the workspace depending upon their role can access the property .

For eg- When Creator open the property he will be able to edit it and when a Viewer open the property he will be just able to view it and not edit it.

2. Only people invited to file can access - In this setting, only users who have been invited to a property can access it.

💡 You have the option of allowing invited users to view or edit the property.

3. Anyone with a link can access (View Only) - In this setting, anyone with the property's link, whether inside or outside the workspace, will be able to view it.

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