FAQ's on Order Measurement Property

Q. If the address pin does not land on your address/if you can’t find the correct address, how do you set the address pin to the correct location?

a) Navigate to Google's Maps website: www.google.com/maps

b) Enter the address you want to find the Latitude & Longitude.

c) Right click on the Map's pin point, and copy the latitude and longitude (as shown).

d) Now on the property map page, click on “Pin location incorrect?”.

e) Enter the copied latitude and longitude into the field and click on confirm, and the pointer will now be parked to the correct location.

Q. How to edit a parcel in single or bulk order?

a) Click on the pencil icon next to “parcel confirmed” in order to make changes to the existing parcel.

b) Then, you can simply use the following options to delete an existing parcel and draw a new one, or to modify the existing parcel.

Q. How to create a CSV for a Bulk Project?

a) Download the bulk project sample sheet from the bulk order section.

b) Once you open the sheet, it is a non-editable version. Please make a copy of the sheet by going to file > Make a copy.

c) Fill your Measurements column in the export sheet using the feature selection tool below and copy the feature list in all the address rows in which they are required.

d) Go to the export sheet and paste the Addresses, city, state, pincode and other columns in the given format. Refer to the Sample sheet for examples.

e) After the sheet is ready , you will have to download the CSV file of the Export-Sheet only. Go to "File" in the top Menu bar in Export-Sheet, navigate to the "Download" option and select.

f) Upload the file, in the bulk upload option.

Q. How do I use the measuring tool?

a) To use the measuring tool, simply select the measuring tool from the top left corner.

b) And draw the area over the map, and measurements will be shown in the measure tool box on the bottom right corner.

Q. How is the estimated cost calculated for an order?

The credits estimation for the order is calculated on 2 parameters.

1. Area of Property Parcel - There are slabs in which the costs increase with property area.

0-10 acre = $3

10-20 acre = $6 ... so on

2. Number of features requested in the property - For each feature $2 cost is added for each slab of property area as described above.

e.g. - 8 acres and 3 features (any 3) will cost $3 + 3x$2 = $9, 15 acre and 5 features has 2 slabs and will cost 2 x ($3 + 5x$2) = $26


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