Export your Site Audit Report from Notes

You can export notes of properties up to 150 acres to your mobile in a PDF or excel format. And you can share it with your client(s) or any of your team members directly from the app using simple forwards.

This automated report (available in pdf and excel formats) will serve as a job-requirement doc or enhancement proposals from your site visits. You can also share the report with your client or any other stakeholder that they can use to audit the job done.

You can export your site audit report by following the below steps:

1. Open your property on the dashboard

2. Click on the Export icon in the upper right corner of the notes panel


3. You will be then redirected to all notes taken on that property. Either select all the notes by checking the Select all notes tick box in the upper left corner or tap on the notes(s) that you want to export

4. Choose the export format – PDF/Excel/Both and click on the Export button

5. Enter the name you wish to give your export report, then Confirm the request.


The export reports will be emailed to your registered email address and phone number, and Plato will notify you as soon as the email is sent.

Sample report in PDF format:

Sample report in excel format:


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