DIY Measurement

If you find the property very simple and small, why wait for SiteRecon and spend extra money. Now you can draw the features yourself on SiteRecon to get the measurements instantly. Let see how it's done.


  1. When you are placing a new Order , you see your parcel area and selected features don't need much work .
  2. Instead of click on Get Measurement , you can create your own measurements .
  3. You just have to click on Create your Own and you will get empty feature layers to draw on.
  4. You either use Satellite Imagery or High-resolution Nearmap imagery to trace your features.
  5. We will be charging you for calling the Nearmap Imagery only. Satellite Imagery is free to use.
  6. Our Extensive Editing Tools will provide you the ability to create precise map and measurements. Learn more about Editing Tools.

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