Data correction Feedback in "awaiting approval" stage

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Give Feedback

In case you see any issue with the outputs,


  • Click on Open Feedback button, list of open feedback will open (list will be empty if no feedback is there yet).
  • Click on Add Feedback Button.
  • Click on the desired point on the map where correction is required.
  • Add a title to the Feedback and write description.
  • You can take a snapshot of the map where you see the issue and paste it the description as well.
  • Click on Post button to submit the feedback.
  • Feedback will appear in the Open Feedbacks Panel, you can click on feedback card to open the feedback again.

Once the feedback is processed and outputs updated, a notification is sent to you on email and on platform. If there is any confusion, Siterecon team may comment on the feedback or get in touch with you to clarify. After feedback resolution be siterecon,

  • Open the property by clicking on the email or notification.
  • Click on Awaiting Review Panel of feedback
  • Review the updated dats and if the issue is resolved, click on Approve button on the feedback.
  • If the issue is not yet resolved, click on Reopen button and add comment on the feedback.
  • If all the feedbacks have been resolved, click on Approve button on the panel to get the measurement export options.

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