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Measure whatever you want, however you want! You can create custom features and layers on your property maps after they have been approved. Custom features open a lot of options for you

  • Map and measure features not supported by siterecon [Fire hydrants, Sink holes, drains etc..]
  • Draw out enhancements [Pavement extensions, New turf installation, Flower beds installation]
  • Create sub features and move items in it. [36"Mower turf, 72" Mower turf etc..]
  • Plan your operations [Mower movement on turf, Weed spray route on the property] etc.. Well! you get the gist, the possibilities are endless.


How to Create Custom Layer

  • On your property page, click on Add Layer
  • Click on + Create Custom Layer button
  • Fill out the details on new custom layer.
  • Click next to create the custom layer
  • Scroll down to the end of the layers list in the Add layer popup to see the newly created custom layer
  • Add Feature layer on Map to start mapping it.

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