Comment and Mention on notes

Plato helps enable a quick documentation of site data under various scenarios. It also allows you to connect with your team, clients, and other stakeholders. The single-point collaboration ensures a transparent approach towards the job and helps everyone stay on the same page.

You can track the job progress by visiting the comment section of any note. You can also leave your comment on a note and the note assignee will be notified.

1. Select the property to which you want to add your comment

2. Browse through available notes in the notes panel. Open the note in which you want to put your comment

3. Add a comment and click on the arrow button to post it live.

4. You can also mention someone (your staff/crew/client) in the comments to bring information to their notice. Type @ and scroll through the display list to choose the name you want to tag

The add assignee feature is used to convert a note into a task for a team member, whereas @mention username is used to direct a team member to a specific note on a property to bring information to their focus.

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