Bulk Properties Upload

You can place a large number of property measurement orders situated across the country using the bulk order feature on SiteRecon.

Typical scenarios for using bulk order feature can be:

  • Get your entire portfolio measured and stored on SiteRecon
  • Gearing up for multi-site RFPs like a chain of restaurants Be it 10, 100 or 1000 sites, SiteRecon makes it as simple as uploading an excel sheet of locations with the required measurement features.


Placing a bulk order:

  1. Select bulk order from the new property drop-down button.


2. Add the bulk project name and description and click ‘Save’.

3. After creating the project you can download the sample format, enter the details of the properties and upload the project in CSV format.

Note: you can follow the instructions in the Google sheet to upload the data. (as mentioned below)

4. Once the file is uploaded, you’ll be redirected to the bulk project page from where you will have to confirm the parcels for each property in the bulk project.


5. Reviewing the Parcels:

A) To review the parcels, go to the property map page by clicking on the first order in the order list. To make changes, click the pencil icon (A. as shown) and make changes.

B) Once you've made the changes, click the tick sign to confirm and move on to the next order, cross to skip that property and pencil icon to edit (B. as shown).

C) You can also move forward and backward through different properties within the bulk order by scrolling using the arrow icons (C .as shown).

Reviewing the parcels
Reviewing the parcels

6. After reviewing the details of the project, click on “Place Order” to get the measurements going.

Note: Please ensure that there are sufficient credits on your account to place the bulk order.

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